Long Yard Beans Seeds

Long Yard Bean is actually a long legume, resembling a stretched green bean. The long yard bean is often grown in tropical regions like Asian and South America. The long green 'pod', when ripened, contains fifteen brown or black seeds.

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Length of the long yard bean

The scientific name of long yard bean is Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis, which indicates its exceptional length: sesquipedalis is Latin for "one and a half feet long". A ninety centimetre bean is no exception, but these lengths are only achieved in very warm areas where a long period of watering is possible and necessary.

In the Netherlands, they attempts made to imitate this, by growing it in heated greenhouses or polytunnels, which is then good for thirty to forty centimetre long stockings. The long pods contain folic acid, potassium and other minerals, in addition to vitamins B1 and B6.

The growth of the long yard beans

Garter grows on a climbing plant that can easily reach a height of up to four metres. Flowering long yard beans opens in the morning with a pale yellow-violet flower. This colours completely to blue even before it is closed in the afternoon. The flavour of long yard beans is similar to that of a green bean, but is more powerful; the flesh is juicier.