Rhubarb Seeds

Rhubarb has been known to mankind for over 5000 years. In the past, it was mainly used as a medicine. The Chinese were the first to cultivate rhubarb from the Asian steppes.  Starting to grow rhubarb seeds takes some patience, but when the time comes, it is delicious!

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A strong purgative was and still is extracted from the root. The stems contain the substance parietin, which inhibits tumour growth in cell cultures and in laboratory animals in high concentrations, but of which no effect in humans has yet been demonstrated. Around 1600 John Gerard, court botanist of the English king Charles I, discovered that the stems can be eaten. It was not until well into the eighteenth century, however, that rhubarb became more widely known as a vegetable. In the Netherlands and Belgium, rhubarb was grown from around 1900 onwards.

Rhubarb seeds

The brand of the rhubarb seeds we sell are from the brand Horti Tops