Chicory Seeds

Chicory seeds must be grown in the dark. Chicory is also called Brussels praise. In the past, chicory was once found to be very bitter. Since 2005, white-fire varieties have come into existence that have little or no bitter taste. Other people love the bitter taste of chicory. In raw chicory, the bitter taste does not emerge.


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Chicory in the kitchen

White chicory can be eaten raw as a salad with pieces of apple and other raw vegetables and fruit. Other methods of preparation are cooked, fried or gratinised, for example, with ham and/or cheese or sauce Hollandaise as chicory à la crème. By boiling chicory with some milk next to water, the bitter taste is softened.

Chicory seeds in our webshop:

Dutch Garden Seeds sells 3 types of chicory seeds: Mechelen's mid-early and Chicory zoom F1 without substrate. + one Organic variation.