Sweet Pepper Seeds

Nowadays you can buy seeds of many different kinds of sweet pepper. Yellow, green, white, purple, black, orange and red pepper. In addition to the different colours, they are now also available in different shapes. Peppers love heat. You can find more about this on the sweet pepper cultivation page.


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Sweet Pepper Atris F1 15% discount
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In our webshop we have tried to satisfy everyone's wishes by offering different types of sweet pepper seeds:  

  • Sweet pepper seeds 5-colour mixture (Buzzy Seeds)
  • Pepper seeds Yolo wonder (Buzzy Seeds)
  • Pepper seeds Pointed Atris red hybrid F1 (Horti Tops)
  • Pepper seeds point Palladio yellow F1 (Horti Tops)
  • Orange mini pepper seeds snacking (Buzzy Seeds)
  • Red snacking pepper seeds Patio Paragon (Buzzy Seeds)

We also have 3 different organic pepper seeds available in our webshop.

Sweet pepper seeds online?  The pepper is related to the sharp red peppers and capsaicin includes something that directly stimulates the senses heat in the mouth. The pepper seeds of dutch garden seeds / buzzy seeds are from top quality!