White Cabbage Seeds

White cabbage is mainly used for the production of sauerkraut. It is also grown for the fresh market. It is one of the oldest cabbage varieties. Traditionally, the crop is mainly grown in Noord-Holland because it is not affected by tuber foot.

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This can also be found in the names of the breeds, such as in Langendijker Bewaar and Roem van Enkhuizen.

We sell the white cabbage seeds: Langedijk bewaar

Types of white cabbage

There are two types of white cabbage: pointed, known as pointed (white) cabbage, and round, white cabbage. The following cultivation methods are distinguished:

Cultivation of pointed cabbage for the earliest crops, with harvests in June and sometimes also for summer crops, summer crops with harvests in July and August, early autumn crops with harvests in September and early October, late autumn crops with harvests in October and langedijker bewaar crops with harvests in November.