Summer Squash

The summer squash is a kind of vegetable which is also called zucchini. The summer squashes are in yellow and green. Especially if you want to start a vegetable garden, this is an absolute part of it. The squash seeds can be planted in the garden from April onwards. Without much extra knowledge, the summer squash can grow.

Summer Squash seeds in our webshop

In our webshop we have 6 different types of summer squash seeds:

Summer Squash Seeds Black Beauty
Summer Squash Seeds Diamond F1 Hybrid
Summer Squash Seeds Gold rush F1 Hybrid (yellow)
Summer Squash Seeds de Nice à fruit round
Summer Squash Seeds Climbing zucchini Black Forrest

Squash Seeds Butternut Sprinter F1

And two different kind of Organic Summer Squash Seeds

4,79 (inc tax)
4,39 (inc tax)
1,99 (inc tax)
1,79 (inc tax)
2,49 (inc tax)
2,49 (inc tax)