Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes F1 hybrid are delicious cherry tomatoes. It is a perfect snack for both young and old. Cherry tomatoes have a diameter of 1 centimeter to 2 centimeters. They quench the thirst, so delicious.

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3,79 (inc tax)
4,75 (inc tax)
2,49 (inc tax)
3,49 (inc tax)
4,35 (inc tax)
2,59 (inc tax)
2,39 (inc tax)
5,50 (inc tax)
4,25 (inc tax)
3,49 (inc tax)
3,49 (inc tax)
3,49 (inc tax)

However, you should not take too much of it. But that's for everything. Delicious your own unsprayed tomatoes grow in your own vegetable garden. Hmmm Delicious! 

Cherry tomato seeds from Buzzy Seeds

In our webshop we have many different types of tomatoes. At the moment we have 8 varieties of cherry tomatoes. These include the seeds of the cherry tomato super sweet F1 hybrid.