Vegetable Seeds

A vegetable garden with vegetable seeds of your own is a healthy outdoor activity and gives you a mental relaxation. It also gives the satisfaction to be able to eat the same day you harvest them! Cultivating a vegetable garden from your own seeds is a healthy activity. (Organic) vegetables from your own cultivation are delicious.


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4,95 (inc tax)
2,69 (inc tax)
Snack cucumber Iznik F1 21% discount
6,29 4,99 (inc tax)
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2,99 (inc tax)
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2,99 (inc tax)
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Online vegetable seeds?

There are a lot webshops who sell garden seeds, but we deliver the seeds with free shipping for orders over 20 euro! And we have an assortment of more than 250 different kinds of vegetable seeds.

Our seeds collection

The biggest part of our seeds are from the brand buzzy seeds, but we also have seeds from the Bolster Seeds brand and Horti Tops.