Curly Kale Seeds

Curly Kale is an easy crop that can be grown on all types of soil and is a typical winter vegetable. There is an autumn and winter crop. Growing kale is relatively easy, but some background information on sowing and cultivation may be necessary.


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Curly Kale in the Garden Seeds webshop

The Curly Kale seeds which you can buy at our webshop are the Reflex F1 Hybrid and the Westland Autumn (late type).

Curly Kale 100% Dutch

The recipe is so typically Dutch, that it is said to be the national dish. The peasant cabbage is the tastiest when it has been frosty for a night. The cabbage is often harvested after the first night frost, only that day it is eaten.
Kale is traditionally eaten with a pothole of gravy, sausage (farmers sausage or smoked sausage), mustard and fried bacon. Sour additives such as onions, gherkin or vinegar are also used today.